The Repurposing Artist – ReStore Adventure

So, this summer has been CRAZY busy for me. But, now that I am all moved and settled into our new apartment, I can share what I have been doing with my time! In May I was accepted as an intern at Milwaukee’s ReStore as a Repurposing Artist! It’s honestly the best job I’ve ever had and I wish it would never end…even though it will in August… 😦 It’s so amazing to get paid to repurpose!! I thought I’d use this opportunity to share what I have made so far! My creativity has been challenged and my patience has been pushed, and it has resulted in LOTS of learning experiences and great successes. Most of these things will be for sale at ReStore during the Third Ward’s Gallery Night and Day on July 25th 5-9PM and 26th 10-4PM.

My main goals at ReStore have been to repurpose items that are very broken down and probably wouldn’t sell, or things that were going to be thrown out. Here are some things I have made so far.

These are all things that I made for the glassware demo in which I gave instructions for how to accomplish each glass repurposing technique.

White Striped Vase and Glittered Vase
Food Colored Candle Holders
Gold Dipped Vase
Food Colored Candle Holders


This is a frame that I spray painted white and made into a tray with added fabric underneath the glass.


This is the first thing I ever made at ReStore! It’s a DIY artwork with scrapbook paper and silver tissue. I also sprayed the wooden frame black and painted the matte white.

2  3

This is a collateral holder I was asked to create to display the brochures we give out at ReStore. The holders are made out of Mitre Boxes and I spray painted the table red.

1  B&A

This I call a re-painted painting. I did a herringbone pattern using Frog Tape and spray painted it gold.

1  3

This is a piece of fence that was going to get thrown out. But I saw the potential! I made it into a coat hanger! I used a dry brushing technique to make a rustic look and drilled in the hooks. TA DA!




This was an ugly, veneer bar cart. All it needed was some paint! I did the shelves black and the metal parts gold. Classic and always beautiful.

2014-07-01 14.09.53


Here I took an ugly old table and an ottoman and made them one! I did a geometric pattern with Frog Tape for the top and stained the legs Jacobean. I love this one.

2014-06-11 11.42.35  2014-06-17 12.10.432  3

This was originally a tool chest that I turned on it’s side, threw some casters on and made it into a nightstand.  I also cut some wood pieces and stained them for shelves on the inside.

2014-06-27 16.42.20





This tall boy dresser was screaming for an update. I loved the vintage details and saw the potential. I used stain stripper on the top and drawer fronts and left those the natural wood color. I used a robin’s egg blue on the body of the dresser. I used all the original hardware. This one’s my favorite so far!

2014-07-15 13.11.54

2 1


One more! I found this calligraphy desk and thought it was a perfect blank canvas for an update. Unfortunately I don’t have a complete “before” picture, but the top was just plain white and all stained and icky. I found this vintage map in a cracked frame and decided to decoupage it on top of the desk. I love this look!

2014-07-18 14.39.01  2014-07-18 16.48.26



That’s all for now! As you can tell I’ve been busy! Much more to come, and I’ll keep you posted!

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My Etsy Store is Open!

I finally got around to opening an Etsy store! It’s really just an experiment right now, so we’ll see how it goes. I started by posting a vintage item I acquired so I wouldn’t be disappointed when my handmade item wasn’t selling, and then I could work out the kinks of this new website.


I am selling this Blessings Vintage Alarm Clock! It’s a beautiful clock, in great condition.


See the posting here and follow my shop! And here’s some pictures of it for your viewing pleasure.

Antique Alarm Clock for sale on Etsy by Shelby Made it Antique Alarm Clock for sale on Etsy by Shelby Made it Antique Alarm Clock for sale on Etsy by Shelby Made it Antique Alarm Clock for sale on Etsy by Shelby Made it Antique Alarm Clock for sale on Etsy by Shelby Made it


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5 lessons I have learned from DIY projects


5 lessons I learned from Shelby Made it

As I am venturing to turn my hobby into a business adventure, I thought I would take the time to share with you the most important five things I have learned from all the projects I have done so far. Most of this advice can also be applied to life in general, so double the benefit! Hopefully these five things will give you all the courage to tackle whatever is on your To-Do list.

1) This piece of advice I really like. It not only applies to DIY, but just life in general.

“There is always someone who needs what you have to offer.”

As I am looking to market my products for sale, this is something I need to keep reminding myself. I need to stay true to what I like, not trying to be like someone else. There is always someone else who has the same taste as me and will appreciate the decisions I make, even if there are some people who don’t.

2) “Every project will take longer than it seems.”

This has bit me in the butt too many times. It is so hard to judge how long projects will take because they always take unexpected turns. No matter how long it takes, it will get done! Persistence is key.

3) “Preparation and patience is everything.”

This relates to the advice above. Do not try and rush [guilty] because you probably won’t enjoy the results as much and if you took your time. In addition, take the time to research the tools and products you are using and read the directions! It also helps to look online if there are tutorials of other people who have done a similar project, they can give you advice so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

4) “Don’t be afraid of it! Just Start!”

Sometimes there are so many choices and so many outcomes we become frozen with indecision. Just do it! If you start and end up hating it, change your mind! And, if you finish a project and don’t like the results, do not hesitate to start over. I have done this before and been sooo happy I decided to try again instead of being disappointed every time I look at that piece. One of my very first projects was my bedroom dresser. I used a mahogany stain, and I didn’t realize how red it was until I put it on. After I had finished the ENTIRE thing, I decided I hated it. So I started over! Now, I LOVE it. And, I’ll be able to keep it for a long time because it’s really well built and solid wood. Even though I was grumbling the whole way through, it was SO worth the extra effort.


Tallboy Dresser


5) “See every project as a learning experience.”

I am not an expert, nor should I expect my projects to turn out that way. However, everything I do, mistakes and all, I am learning for next time. I learn the most when I fail, and then next time is even better.

I hope this advice will inspire you to start AND finish everything you have on your To-Do list. Thanks for stopping! Sharing is caring!

Spray Painting Afternoon

Yesterday, my mom and I spent all afternoon spray painting. Here’s a few of our projects. I’m soooo sorrry I forgot to take before pictures!!! I’m so bad at that. 😦 But, I hope the pictures with primer will give you an understanding of what paint can do. The little candle holder you can see a little bit how rusty and weather-worn it was. The frame was originally green and ugly, and the lazy-suzan was like a dark blackish that I purchased from an Estate sale a long time ago. Here are the results!

1 5 6 3 4 2 8 7




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Mother’s Day Stone Garden Markers

As I am still in school, and still very low on cash, I needed a Mother’s Day gift that was inexpensive but heartfelt. Because that’s how I roll. Mom is starting a garden this summer, and very excited about it I might add. She began growing seeds inside first under a grow light, and they were growing really well. Because she already had many plants started, I knew I could make some garden markers that were a little cuter than popsicle sticks. I looked on Pinterest, of course, and saw some using stones. Brilliant! This way they aren’t getting destroyed by weather, and they can be used every year. I had some rocks laying around that I collected on the beach a while back and started drawing with the Sharpie. They turned out really cute!

Stone Garden Markers from Shelby Made it Stone Garden Markers


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Mom and Dad’s Clock

Every year, I contemplate what to get my parents for Christmas. They do so much for me and they deserve a lot, but I don’t have the money for the things I wish I could buy them. So I resort to something handmade and sentimental. My mom and I had been talking about the big empty wall in their living room because of the vaulted ceiling. We thought it would look nice to have an oversized clock over the doorway. And then it hit me….I’M CRAFTY! I’LL MAKE ONE! So, of course, I started looking on Pinterest for tutorials so I didn’t royally screw it up. I found a really great post from Behind the Red Barn Door that explained in detail how to make a classic oversized wall clock from a piece of plywood. It was perfect! So, I gathered my supplies, and let my boyfriend cut out the circle in the plywood just like the tutorial said! HA! He made the circle 30″ with a circular saw and he also drilled a hole in the exact center of the circle. Then, I started staining the wood with my favorite Minwax stain, Jacobean.

DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog


DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog


After staining two coats, the next step was to cut out the Roman Numerals with contact paper and align them onto the wood. This was somewhat time consuming but because most of the numbers were straight edges it was easy to use the exacto blade with the ruler. I also added letters to the center that say our family name and the year my parents were married. There’s that personal touch!

DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog


DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog

After sticking all the numbers and letters on, I painted white on top of the numbers, leaving a half inch border around the edge. I did two coats of white.

DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog

Once the paint was dry, began peeling off the stickers. This proved a little difficult. I expected the paint to bleed a little, and it did. I ended up drawing over the white bleed over with an ink pen to make all the edges crisp. A stain pen would have been just as effective, but it was the night before Christmas Eve and it was crunch time!

DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog



Finally, it was time to attach the clock hands. I bought the 14″ hands for $20 on Ebay, the same place as Behind the Red Barn Door. It can be found here. After buying these hands online I am realizing you can really make a clock out of anything you can drill a hole into! Pretty neat.

After attaching the hands, this is how it looked. I prayed that the hands actually read the correct time…And they do!! TA DA!

DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog


The next morning, I presented it to them and they cried. SUCCESS. I’m so happy with how it turned out. My first clock!


DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog


DIY Classic Clock by Just Another DIY Blog




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Wood Wonder Kitchen Table

Before summer ended, I picked up this kitchen table at my local Goodwill. I definitely wasn’t looking for a project. In fact I was already two-deep in projects. However, for $15 and such unique characteristics I couldn’t pass it up. So off we went to get the van, back to Goodwill for the table, and back home. Good times. Here’s how it looked when we first picked it up. Pretty rough, but someone tried to salvage it and used stain stripper on the top. Thanks random person!

2013-08-20 17.53.54\

2014-01-15 08.26.47

2014-01-14 15.51.24

With the top work out of the way, all that was left was the sides and legs. Although I originally planned to stain the top and paint the legs, I was requested by a friend to stain the whole thing. I agreed and the adventure began. This project required me to use stain stripper for the first time. AHH! I ended up using Citristrip which was much less painless than I expected. It worked best to use green Scotch Brite pads to scrape off all the extra stripper and stain since the legs were such complex shapes. Following that, I used mineral spirits to clean up the final left overs and prep for stain. I used Minwax Jacobean for the legs/sides and Early American for the top. I wanted to keep the top lighter since the Oak showed such beautiful wood grain.

 2014-01-20 17.26.28

2014-01-26 14.01.15

Once the stain was fully dried, I applied the polyurethane and made sure to do two coats for the top since this table will surely get used a lot. And there it is! All new and shiny!




This table is unique because it has an extra leaf for more length when company comes over! I also love the details in the legs. So beautiful. My friend ended up paying $225 for it in total. Not bad for a Goodwill find!